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Tytan Professional

TYTAN PROFESSIONAL is recognized as an industry leader in new and innovative construction chemical technology in the United States market. TYTAN Professional offers polyurethane foam sealants and construction adhesives used by professional contractors, home builders, and in industrial applications.


SELENA USA TYTAN Professional is a part of Selena Group – a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and materials since 1992. With over 25 years of industry excellence, Selena is among the world’s largest manufacturers of one-component polyurethane products.


TYTAN UP! Recent developments in the construction industry bring increased focus to making homes more air-tight and eco-friendly. This is measured by the use of a blower door test, which pressurizes the home and measures how many times per hour the entire cubic footage air content of the house can be pulled through the front door – the lower the number, the higher the score. This requirement for a maximum number of air exchanges per hour is becoming more demanding. Luckily, TYTAN is here to help!

The TYTAN UP! Whole home air sealing solution addresses the most common air leakage sites in new construction, and ensures that with the use of our system you will achieve the best possible blower door results.

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