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Tytan Professional - Selena Group Brand

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Tytan foam adhesives for construction and renovation works

Types and application of foam adhesives

Tytan Professional foam adhesives combine properties of quick-drying and quick-setting assembly foams and adhesives. In this group of products we distinguish:

  • foam adhesives for plasterboards – foam adhesives for gypsum boards perfectly glue also fibre-cement, cement or wood-like boards;
  • adhesives for expanded polystyrene – commonly referred to as foam adhesive for expanded polystyrene or foam for gluing expanded polystyrene. Depending on the preparation, they are used as assembly foam for graphite or white expanded polystyrene, styrodur and polyurethane boards in insulation systems, as well as for sticking decorative elements, window sills and expanded polystyrene coffers;
  • adhesives for XPS panels – recommended for bonding extruded polystyrene panels as insulation for foundations, plinths, attics and other building elements exposed to mechanical damage;
  • foam adhesives for masonry – can be used as foam for masonry of load-bearing and partition walls made of various materials;
  • universal foam adhesives – are used, among others, as adhesives for window sills, plasterboards, wood, coffers, decorative elements, foam adhesives for stairs assembly or for partition walls.

Among our foam adhesives, there are products the design of which places special emphasis on the speed of bonding, e.g. quick foam adhesive for expanded polystyrene IS 13 or universal Tytan 60-second foam adhesive.

Foam adhesives for all weathers

Our outdoor foam adhesives are suitable for both low and high temperatures, which makes it possible to extend the construction season and not to interrupt work during hot summers and cold winters. Some products make it possible to carry out works even in the freezing cold and during hot weather, e.g. foam adhesive for bricklaying can be used at temperatures from +35 to -10℃.

Method of foam adhesive application

Most foam adhesives are applied with foam guns, but some products are also equipped with applicators. If you decide to purchase a gun foam adhesive, it is worth getting a professional gun for polyurethane foams and a universal cleaner, which will facilitate cleaning of the gun after work and removal of dirt from the not yet cured foam adhesive.

Features of foam adhesives

Foam adhesives simplify construction works and significantly reduce their time. Unlike traditional mortars and adhesives, they do not require water or electricity. The condensed form of the product with high efficiency and low weight eliminates problems with transport and storage of foam adhesives and saves contractors’ forces to carry them. All foam adhesives are easy to apply even for contractors with little experience.