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Tytan is a part of Selena Group

About Selena Group

Selena Group is a global leader and distributor of construction chemicals and one of the four largest producers of polyurethane foam in the world. Selena was founded in 1992 in Wrocław. At present about 2000 employees around the world work for Selena Group. The Group’s product range includes foams, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products, insulation systems, fastenings and complementary products. The Group comprises 35 companies in 18 countries. The Group’s manufacturing plants are located in Poland, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Spain and Italy.

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2000 employees around the world
1992 year founded
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Awards and honours

Investor without border
European Economic Congress, 2020
Forbes Diamonds
Forbes, 2020

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