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TYTAN Professional Maximizes Worker & Building Efficiency

  • TYTAN Combines Powerful with Effective

    Not all construction materials are designed with contractors in mind. We listen to our customers to create air sealing, moisture sealing, and adhesive materials that increase workers efficiency and building performance. That is why TYTAN is confidently used in over 70 countries worldwide as a brand contractors can trust with their reputation.

  • Foam Sealants: Air & Moisture Sealing

    TYTAN Foam Sealants offer Smart Foam Technology. Smart foam is foam without application limits. Smart foam can be used around windows, doors, gaps, cracks, and every project in-between. Expanding foam insulation has a few purposes.

    • 1. Maintain the shape you intended so the gap is filled for maximum air & moisture sealing. A Expanding foam insulation product that over-expands and/or shrinks substantially could damage your structure or shrink and lose seal. Losing seal makes a window insulation foam or fire block foam worthless. Minimal shrinking is especially important for fire block foam because it is meant for air passage blocking. If your fire block foam shrinks it could open a gap for air to leak through and fail to slow the speed of a growing fire.
    • 2. Good insulation properties. A window insulation foam doesn’t just require minimally expanding properties. Gaps around windows & doors are a leading air and moisture penetration point. So, a window insulation foam that seals the gap and provides a superior R-value like TYTAN Window & Door is ideal.
    • 3. Maximum Yield. More foam per can of foam saves you money. TYTAN Professional Gun Foam Sealants provide at least 20% more yield than the highest yield competitor. That means you will save material cost, throw less out, and change cans less.

    To see TYTAN Smart Foam Technology in action visit the Test TYTAN video page.

  • High Yield Construction Adhesives: Efficiency Perfected

    • TYTAN High Yield Adhesives save you time, material cost, and effort.
    • TYTAN Subfloor construction adhesive is twice as strong as a leading subfloor adhesive. A traditional caulk Subfloor adhesive attempts to prevent floor squeaks by bonding the OSB to the floor joist. However, subfloor floor squeaks are a result of an imperfection in the joist. The imperfection leads to tension on the fastener and traffic over time causes a floor squeak. TYTAN Subfloor Construction Adhesive expands up to fill gaps and support the OSB and fastener. This, along with superior strength, leads to maximum floor squeak prevention.
    • TYTAN Drywall Adhesive bonds drywall and exterior sheathing panels to prevent nail pops, reduce air & moisture infiltration, and reduce acoustic transfer. TYTAN Drywall remains flexible and soft for the life of the bond so it can flex and move with lumber and building movements. Twelve drywall adhesive cans is all you need for a typical 2000 sq. ft. home.
    • TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape adhesive is designed for bonding the top cap of retaining walls, strengthening free-standing walls, and bonding pavers. TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape is stronger than leading landscape adhesives and one can replaces 12 traditional landscape adhesive cartridges. Unlike traditional landscape adhesives, TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape adhesive expands to fill gaps and prevent water-pooling between blocks.
    • TYTAN Heavy Duty is perfect for use as a bottom sill plate gasket or any other concrete to wood or wood to wood gasket locations. It is easiest to use on horizontal applications. TYTAN Heavy Duty replaces roll-out sill plate gaskets and traditional construction adhesives. It is tested and confirmed to prevent air and moisture penetration better than roll-out foam gasket materials.
    • TYTAN Construction Adhesives are engineered with end users in mind. When compared to traditional caulk construction adhesives, TYTAN requires six times less effort and two times faster. This means you will save material cost, labor cost, and more efficient workers.
    • Use our Find a Distributor search page to find a TYTAN distributor near you. Email info@selena.com or call 855-44-TYTAN (89826) with any questions.
  • TYTAN Sealants

    • TYTAN offers a wide range of construction sealants.
    • TYTAN 100% Silicone Sealant comes in white, aluminium and clear silicone sealant. For General use, Clear Silicone Sealant is commonly used where a color is not required. It meets ASTM C920 and is manufactured in a ISO 9000 facility.
    • TYTAN High Temp silicone sealant is formulated to work in temperatures up to 600° F without shrinking or losing shape.
    • You can trust our wide selection of strong sealants to meet any of your project needs.
    • Use our Find a Distributor search page to find a TYTAN distributor near you. Email info@selena.com or call 855-44-TYTAN (89826) with any questions.
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