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GPA 4.0 Acrylic

Acrylic Sealant
Catalog number: SQ8610618
Size: 10.1 oz

Easy to use, paintable acrylic sealant. Cleans up easily with water, and can be used for most inter-construction applications where an acrylic sealant is appropriate.

GPA 4.0 Acrylic

GPA 4.0 Acrylic

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Easy to use water-based acrylic sealant. This odorless low VOC product cleans up easily with water, is paintable, and can be used for most inter-construction applications where an acrylic sealant is appropriate, such as baseboard trim, window and door trim, or HVAC duct sealing.

Can be applied vertically or horizontally, and may be used on all types of rigid and flexible duct materials.


GPA 4.0 Acrylic
GPA 4.0 Acrylic
Water clean-up
GPA 4.0 Acrylic
GPA 4.0 Acrylic


GPA 4.0 Acrylic
Sealing around windows, door frames, sills and balustrades
GPA 4.0 Acrylic
Sealing cracks and gaps in walls, ceilings and facades
GPA 4.0 Acrylic
Grouting of corners of walls and ceilings
GPA 4.0 Acrylic
Protection of polyurethane foams against UV radiation

Standards & Approvals

GPA 4.0 Acrylic

Technical Informations

10.1 oz
Tool Time
5 min
Tack-Free Time
5-10 min
Full Cure
.5 mm per 24 hrs
Application Temp
41°F to 104°F
Working Temp
-4°F to 176°F
Storage Condition
41°F to 77°F
Shelf Life
24 mos
GPA 4.0 Acrylic

GPA 4.0 Acrylic

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