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TYTAN Coat & Seal is an elastomeric, environmentally friendly, UV resistant Duct Mastic that will allow you to work faster, apply less material, and confidently stake your reputation on the quality and integrity of the seal. Coat & Seal utilizes a hybrid sealant technology that enables you to work faster and easier. It is recommended that you apply approximately a 15 mil coverage thickness. It remains permanently flexible and offers moisture activated curing so it does not shrink or crack like water-based duct mastics that shrink up to 60%. You can have confidence that what you apply during installation will be what is there years later. That mean no call backs to reseal problem areas. It may be used to seal seams, corners, and joints while ensuring a waterproof and airtight seal. It has excellent adhesive to all duct material surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about sagging and dripping. It may even be applied on wet surfaces. It will maintain an airtight seal and is UV stable. It is paintable and offers primer-less application. It may be applied on interior and exterior duct materials and cleans up with TYTAN wipes or mineral spirits. Its solvent-free formula is Low VOC and Isocynate free so it will protect you and the environment from unpleasant chemicals. With TYTAN Coat & Seal you can Build with Confidence!

Surface Preparation:

For best results, surface area must be fully cured, dry, clean, and free of dust, oil, grease, debris, contaminants, or release agents that could interfere with proper adhesion. It is recommended to perform and evaluate preliminary adhesion and compatibility tests before use. For proper surface preparation techniques visit the “Try TYTAN” section of TYTAN.com.


Material may be brushed or troweled onto the duct material seam. Apply at least 15 mil thickness and at least ½” out from the seam to ensure a proper seal. The sealant will begin to cure immediately. It cures by a moisture reaction so no material will evaporate during the curing process. Wait at least 24 hours before testing the system to ensure the sealant has cured properly. Close the lid tightly after you are finished to ensure it may be used again. Please see the technical data sheet for acceptable application temperatures and other technical information.

Clean Up

Remove Sealant off all tools before it cures. Use TYTAN wipes or typical solvents such as Mineral Spirits or lacquer thinner (ethyl acetate, acetone) and let dry to prevent any damage. Cured sealant can be removed with sharp tools, using caution. Remove from skin with soap and water before it cures.

Technical Specifications:

Skin Formation Time: 60 Minutes

Curing Time: 2mm/24hours

Sag: <5mm

Elongation: 400%

Application Temperature: 41˚F-122˚F

Storage conditions: 41°F - 95°F Cool and Dry

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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