Refund Policy

TYTAN Return Policy

  • 30 day replacement or money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with your purchase we will either replace it or return it for a full refund. To be eligible you must contact Selena USA no later than 30 days after receiving the product. The product must be unusable or ineffective in performing the task it was developed to perform. Products will not be replaced or refunded if they were not stored, or used in a manner that meets the requirements stated on the label or TDS. If your return meets these standards we will replace your product free of charge or provide a full credit. Please direct all inquiries to a helpful customer service representative at 855-44-TYTAN

Once the original product is deemed defective a replacement will be shipped to you at no additional fee. If the replacement product is not satisfactory the customer will receive a full credit and recommended an alternative product for purchase.

Refund Credit:
If the customer requests a refund it will be applied once the original product has been deemed defective. A refund will not be given if the product is being used in an unapproved application. Approved applications may be found on the products label or TDS. If you have a question if a TYTAN product is approved for a specific application please contact a TYTAN product adviser at 855-44-TYTAN.

Products stored in an environment that is not acceptable based on the information provided on the label or TDS document may not be replaced or refunded. Please refer to the label, TDS, and MSDS documents for more information regarding proper storage requirements.

Proper Use:
A replacement or refund will not be issued if the customer neglects to follow the label, TDS, or MSDS instructions. Please contact a TYTAN product adviser before using TYTAN products in an unusual way that is not identified on the label, TDS, or TYTAN.com.

Returning Non-defective Products:
If you would like to return a non-defective product please contact a TYTAN customer service representative at 855-44-TYTAN. You may use the included pre-paid shipping label to ship your TYTAN product(s) back. We will credit you for the amount paid minus the shipping cost to return the product. Please be sure to return the product(s) in their original packaging with the box packed the same way it was when you received the package.