GPA (General Purpose Acrylic) 4.0 (10.1 oz.)



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TYTAN GPA 4.0 is a water-based sealant that offers easy water clean-up. It is an odorless low VOC technology. It is designed for interior applications like baseboard trim, window & door trim, or HVAC duct sealing. It cures by water evaporation, so it doesn’t emit any dangerous gases. It is paintable and pliable and cleans up easily with water if you make a mistake or mess. It applies vertically or horizontally on duct work for install or repair. It may be used on all types of duct materials including rigid and flexible. It provides a seal to most construction materials. With TYTAN GPA 4.0 you can Build with Confidence!



Surface Preparation:

Surface area must be fully cured, dry, clean, and free of dust, oil, grease, debris, contaminants, or release agents that could interfere with proper adhesion. It is recommended to perform and evaluate preliminary adhesion and compatibility tests before use. For proper surface preparation techniques visit the “Try TYTAN” section of TYTAN.com.


Cut nozzle at 45° to desired bead size, insert in caulking gun and apply to desired area. Tool bead with moistened cloth and wipe off excess before it cures. For best results, tool immediately after applying for best adhesion and smooth finish before skinning occurs. Please see the technical specification for acceptable application temperatures and other technical information.

Clean Up

Remove sealant with soap and water from gun and all tools before it cures and let dry to prevent any damage. Cured sealant can be removed with soap and water or with sharp tools, using caution.

Product Technology:

Water-based Sealants are perfect for filling gaps before painting. They are intended for internal use and aren’t designed to withstand weathering. They work well around windows or other wall penetrations to stop air leaks. They offer good adhesion to interior duct work joints and seams. They clean-up easily with water and are very easy to use. They are paintable.

Technology Limitations:

Water-based Sealants cure through water evaporation, so they do shrink during the curing process. They are not intended for exterior use and are known to breakdown over time due to weatherization. Do not use them on damp or contaminated surfaces. They are not designed to support loads from pedestrian or vehicular traffic in floor or ceiling applications. They will not bond to bituminous substrates, based on natural rubber, chloroprene or other materials that might bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents. They are not recommended for continuous immersion in water.

Technical Specifications:

Tool Time: 5 minutes

Tack Free Time: 5-10 minutes

Fully Cured: .5-1mm/24hr

Application Temperatures: 41°F-104°F

Working Temperature: -4°F-176°F

Storage conditions: 41°F - 77°F in a dry place

Shelf Life: 24 Months


Materials Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

  • Two-Piece Cartridge
  • Indoors
  • Acrylic
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